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Turtle Figurines Collectibles Set of 4
  • These Sea Turtle Figurines Set stand at about 3.5"H, 2.7" W,
  • 4pcs sea turtles are made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished. Color Tone May Vary.
  • They are perfect for turtle lovers collection.They are truly cute and adorable looking and it will be hard to find someone who will not smile when they see these little things.
  • They are the perfect size to be displayed at your desk at work, or you can put them in the kitchen window sill,very beautiful and durable
  • These adorable turtles are ready to accompany you or your loved ones! Each of these baby turtles are carrying a distressed wooden plank sign that says, "Shello", "Come Out Of Your Shell", "Eat My Dust" and "Take It Slow". The make perfect gifts for birthdays (even as birthday cake toppers), anniversary, valentine's day or what have you!

Turtle Figurines Collectibles Set of 4

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