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Rock Tortoise Hideout
  • PERFECT DESIGN --- Foster a greater sense of privacy and security, making pet more confident, better rested.Special color and crafted texture creates realistic rock;Easy to clean soapy wate
  • IDEAL BREEDING GROUND --- Provide your pet with a home, a hangout, a playground and a hideaway - all in one. They will feel more secure, less stress and stronger immune systems
  • HEAVY MATERIAL--- This reptile hide cave is made of high quality resin, hard, solid and sturdy, adding to the sense of security for your pets as it will not move or float when they move
  • GREAT HIDEAWAY--- Realistic looking rock landscape, Ideal hiding spot that helps reduce stress levels, wonderful hiding place for all types of small reptiles and pocket pets like bearded dragon, tortoise, turtle, lizard, loach, fish, snake, ball python, hamster, geckos
  • PRODUCT SIZE--- Outer size: 7.1"x7.1"x4.7"; Inner size: 4.7"x4.7"x 3.5";Choose a suitable home for your lovely pet in case your pet can not climb into and get out.

Rock Tortoise Hideout

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