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Black Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana)

Contrary to its common name, the Clear Crystals Black Pansy is anything but see through. Its petals are jet black, opening to a diameter of about 1 to 2 inches wide. The plants themselves will reach a mature height of 6 to 8 inches tall, spreading about 4 to 6 inches wide.

These beauties make a great addition to many pots, containers and even window boxes as well. They are a dramatic choice for planting in front of a white fence, and go great with any number of additional Pansies and Violas. The flowers are known to lure in butterflies, honeybees & bumblebees, and can also be used in many insectaries and butterfly gardens.

Clear Crystals Black Pansy is categorized as an annual flowering plant. Annuals will grow quickly from freshly harvested seeds, and flower within a single growing season, later producing seeds for regrowth the following year. Pansies and Violas tend to bloom from early Spring to early Summer, right before the temperatures get to hot. If they are kept in partial shade however, they can bloom for an extended period of time.


  • Sowing the Seed - Pansy seeds are best started indoors in a controlled environment. Sow the seeds in peat pots, 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost, at a shallow depth of 1/16" under topsoil. Transplant entire peat pots or direct sow outdoors when the weather is warm and all danger of frost has passed. (Keep in mind that direct light is required for successful germination, which is why the seeds should only be sown at a shallow depth.)



  • Growing Conditions - Pansy seeds and plants will thrive in an area of full sunlight to light shade, in cooler temperatures of at least 65F to 70F. The soil should be rich & fertile and also well drained. To improve drainage, it is recommended that you mix any hard, compact soil with a light compost. Water the sowing area daily so that the topsoil is moist until germination occurs. Water regularly thereafter, but avoid drowning.



  • Germination & Growth - The Pansy seeds will begin to sprout open within 7 to 21 days after sowing. The plants will reach a mature height of roughly 4 to 6 inches tall and can be spaced about 6 to 8 inches apart. The Clear Crystals Black Pansy will produce jet black blooms, and create an eye popping contrast with other white

Black Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana)

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